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Attention Product Managers: Are You Struggling to Make an Impact?

Meet George (me).

I was hired as the first product manager at a fast-growing tech startup. Eager to prove myself, I dove into the role with enthusiasm, but quickly found myself overwhelmed. There were so many potential techniques and frameworks to use, but I didn't know which ones would actually work in my situation. I spent hours researching online, but just ended up more confused by all the conflicting information. I worried that this lack of clarity was hurting the product and holding back my career. I knew something needed to change.

Can you relate to this situation?

As a product manager, you're expected to drive the vision and execution that will make your product successful. But with dozens of potential approaches to product development, prioritization, roadmapping, user research, and more, it's easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis. You can waste precious time trying techniques that aren't right for your context.

What if there was a better way?

Imagine if you had a curated, organized database of the most effective product management techniques, complete with detailed guidance on when and how to apply them for maximum impact. And imagine if it also provided recommendations for prioritization frameworks, Miro templates, and other niche tools to make your job easier. That's exactly what delivers.

Until now, there hasn't been a comprehensive, trustworthy resource that product managers could turn to for proven best practices.

Plenty of websites & content creators compile laundry lists of dozens or hundreds of potential techniques, but they don't give you the context to know which ones will actually work for your situation. Talking to other PMs helps, but everyone's situation is different. Figuring it all out yourself through trial and error is slow and risky. solves this problem by curating the most impactful product management techniques and prioritization frameworks, and organizing them based on key criteria like what stage of product development they're for, what product risks they mitigate, and how strong the evidence is that they work. Instead of guessing, you can zero in on the best practices most likely to succeed for your specific context.

In one centralized knowledge base, you get:

  • A database of proven product management techniques, prioritized based on impact and evidence, matching product development stage you're in and the risk you're trying to tackle
  • Clear step-by-step instructions to implement each one
  • A selection tool for finding the right prioritization frameworks for your needs
  • Miro templates and workshops to facilitate effective practice
  • A library of 100 reusable user interview questions
  • Links to niche tools to streamline product management workflows

It's like having a world-class product management mentor available 24/7 to guide you to the most effective approaches. You'll save hours of wasted time, make quicker progress, impress your stakeholders, and accelerate your career.

But don't just take my word for it, read what others have to say:


"I find the tool super neat, it's a great library to get PMs inspired. I share it with the product management team as a resource library they can access any time." Corinna (VP of Product at Stellar Elements an Amdocs Company)

"I was just building a product library in Google Docs. So when I came across your tool, I went: this is amazing! You have saved me hours."  Jodie (Head of Product, Bueno)

”We needed to try several prioritisation methods at once, and this was the quickest way to find the best ones.” Walter (CTO at Conqa)

Inside the product

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The Product Manager's Ultimate Swipe File

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