The Product Manager's Ultimate Swipe File

Our product roadmap was a dartboard.

I was struggling with decision-making, feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tools and contradicting advice from all corners.

So over the last 5 years, I pulled together EVERYTHING I could find to help me make better choices.

  • 120+ techniques, frameworks, canvases.
  • Step-by-step instructions I can remind myself or give to someone else to execute.
  • A tool to decide which prioritization framework to choose based on circumstances (35 frameworks)
  • A compendium of strategic approaches based on all I've learned from courses and mentors.
  • Evidence strength rating for each of the most actionable discovery and assumption testing techniques.
  • 100+ user interview questions that are guaranteed to elicit insightful answers.

The platform’s unique filter system allows you to go through various stages of product development with ease & identify what you really need amidst a sea of options.

Now my work was guided by actionable content from

Whether it's developing a coherent prioritization strategy, mastering assumption testing, or simply cutting through the noise to find the right tools, is the resource you need.

Ready to revolutionize your product management approach?

Get and start making an impact today.


"I find the tool super neat, it's a great library to get PMs inspired. I share it with the product management team as a resource library they can access any time." Corinna (VP of Product at Stellar Elements an Amdocs Company)

"I was just building a product library in Google Docs. So when I came across your tool, I went: this is amazing! You have saved me hours."  Jodie (Head of Product, Bueno)

”We needed to try several prioritisation methods at once, and this was the quickest way to find the best ones.” Walter (CTO at Conqa)

Inside the product

Inside each card

User Interview Questions

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3x Notion databases: 1) 2) 3) 100+ customer discovery interview questions

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The Product Manager's Ultimate Swipe File

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