Know When To Use the Right Product Frameworks and Techniques. Apply Them Well. is a Notion database that matches product frameworks and techniques to development stage and risk. - Quickly find product & UX techniques to get unstuck | Product Hunt

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Hi, I'm George. I’m an underdog product manager.

I share high-quality, tried-and-true ideas with my followers on Twitter & LinkedIn. is my ever-evolving suite of resources.

I have often feel like a rookie in my product career.

To become better at my craft, I learn and explore new ideas relentlessly.

Get a centralized list of resources to help you in your journey to a better product gives you a whole lot of frameworks and techniques, but not too many to get lost.

Each piece of content is actionable.

It eliminates the time-consuming process of finding and evaluating content.

Improved decision-making

More easily identify the best product framework or technique for your unique use case.

Increased clarity

Quickly find the best, most detailed and vetted instructions to help you make informed decisions

Enhanced productivity

Stay up to date on the latest product frameworks and techniques without having to do anything.

The Power of Context Filters

Select the right set of tools for the job.

Filter by Risk

What Risk are you tackling? Choose between Viability, Feasibility & Value

Filter by Stage

Choose between Discovery, Validation, Building and Growth

Filter by Type

Sometimes you need competitor analysis. Other times, discussion prototypes.

Filter by Actionability

Go from Vision-level frameworks to the most actionable experiment ideas.

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