Fast-Track Assumption Testing in the Discovery Phase - Quickly find product & UX techniques to get unstuck | Product Hunt is a library of product frameworks & techniques with instructions. Now you can tackle any product stage with the ideal framework or technique.

+ | The Big Book of Prioritization

+ 100+ Customer Discovery Interview Questions

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"I'm not a product person. It's taken me years to curate the resources from people I trust, so having a shortcut into someone else's curated list of people they trust in product is amazing. I've just been like, 'Sh*t, this is awesome!' Because that's actually a lot of work to find that."  Lance (GM - Product at Developers Institute)

"I find the tool super neat, it's a great library to get PMs inspired. I share it with the product management team as a resource library they can access any time." Corinna (VP of Product at Roam Digital)

”We needed to try several prioritisation methods at once, and this was the quickest way to find the best ones.” Walter (Head of Product Engineering at Conqa)

"I was just building a product library in Google Docs. So when I came across your tool, I went: this is amazing! You have saved me hours."  Jodie (Head of Product, Bueno)

Decision-Making, Simplified. gives you a whole lot of frameworks and techniques, but not too many to get lost.

Each piece of content is actionable.

It eliminates the time-consuming process of finding and evaluating content.

Choose Smart, Act Smarter

More easily identify the best product framework or technique for your unique use case.

Clear Steps, Clear Results

Quickly find the best, most detailed and vetted instructions to help you make informed decisions

Stay Ahead Without the Grind

Stay up to date on the latest product frameworks and techniques without having to do anything.

The Power of Context Filters

Select the right set of tools for the job.

Filter by Risk

What Risk are you tackling? Choose between Viability, Feasibility & Value

Filter by Stage

Choose between Discovery, Validation, Building and Growth

Filter by Type

Sometimes you need competitor analysis. Other times, discussion prototypes.

Filter by Actionability

Go from Vision-level frameworks to the most actionable experiment ideas.

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